The Wolverines

The Wolverines was J.D., Turk, and Carla's scooter gang that was seen in "My Old Friend's New Friend". Each of their scooters matched the colour of their scrubs. The Wolverines were disbanded when Turk bought a Mini Cooper for Carla. However, J.D. kept the blue one and named it Sasha.

It is also a reference to the movie "Red Dawn" that Turk rented in "My Heavy Meddle" to watch with Elliot. When Turk tells her he has rented Red Dawn, she quits studying and raises her fist and says "Wolverines". Later, as J.D. enters the room he recognizes the movie and raises his fist and says "Wolverines"


Wolverines, let's roll.J.D.

I rented Red Dawn...Turk


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