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Dr Cox - the hero of Sacred Heart?

Despite his cold and sarcastic exterior, he has proved himself the hero of Sacred Heart in countless episodes. So why does he keep acting that way even though everyone knows his steely outer skin is covering up a heart of gold? But I'm glad everyone at Sacred Heart doesn't see him as a villian - but perhaps he is more of an anti-hero - the kind of guy who's not on the bad side but has kind of created a league of his own. Even though he admits that J.D. is a great doctor in My Finale, and he often does spectacular actions to help not only the hospital, but also for those who he pretends to not care about, he seems a little scared to show his true colours (which is a little sad because he has proved to be a great man and role model). I personally think he is a hero, but maybe one could argue he is more of a superhero, as his own secret identity is of an overly-sarcastic and occasionally rude doctor - however I guess that its good that most at Sacred Heart know what truly lies underneath the scrubs...

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