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Our First Day of School and Our Drunk Friend Reviews

Remlap1986 December 12, 2009 User blog:Remlap1986

Our First Day of School and Our Drunk Friend Reviews

Season 9 title sequence med school
I want to start on the new opening sequence, love the actual opening, dislike the Superman cover by WAZ, there is obviously going to be a pass off of the X-Ray to Lucy sometime this season, remember the opening is never final, we seen it change so many times and even have characters take the mickey out of it.

Fact they went with The Janitor gag that was joked about on I think the S8 DVD commentaries lost the fun of seeing The Janitor one last time, it was a little to predictable, and that's not the Janitor I know.

Lucy I absolute nothing her so far, every scene she was in I would try and spot other characters like Snoop Dog Attending, Beardface and others.

She came off as like white noise, I was really excited to hear that John Billingsley was going to be in EP2 but being paired with Lucy made it far less fun.

Only thing I did enjoy were her fantasies, especially the escaped Prisoner (Anyone think of Intensity with John C. McGinley in that uniform and dogs) and LOVED the Lifetime fantasy, if she is an outlet for fantasies only then I am fine with that, her imagination is clearly wild and far different to J.D.'s.

Cole well Cole, Dave Franco is playing an amazing part here, its hard to play stupid characters and its hard to play duchebags, and he pulls it off perfectly, his character is way to one dimensional to amount to anything for now after he will obviously be humbled and get his comeuppance from someone.

9x1 Dr. Cox hunts Lucy
Drew wow doesn't he have a back story that I fear may never fully figured out, very intriguing character, anyone have a feeling he's actually there for a reason, like he's studied so much in prison and when he was alone in Alaska he is going to breeze through Med School.

Love him with Denise the pair are great match and have a good chemistry on screen, its going to be fun to see both open up as the season or series continues.

Denise wow I was impressed by Eliza Coupe's acting skills when she tried to ask Drew out for a date, she was really the bright shinning light of these two episodes, not shocked at how good an actress Eliza is though I was impressed by her in January.

I disliked a lot of the stuff with J.D. and Turk in it, sadly because I am worried Turk wont be able to break free of J.D. even when he's left. I am also really worried about how J.D. been used so far, I'd of personally rather seen him in a professional and mentoring role and not half a lead.

Kelso is back simple as, yey Kelso's back. Don't need to write any more.

Not much to say about Doctor Cox, he has a clearly different relationship with J.D., one where he is treating him more as a friend and an equal, although I did love the fact straight after a narration by J.D. of how he is falling back into old habits, Doctor Cox calls J.D. newbie this made me smile and was a great way of saying Doctor Cox in some way is to.

Good luck to everyone involved.

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