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  • Remlap1986

    Our Histories Review

    December 16, 2009 by Remlap1986

    Our Histories Review

    This is going to be a very short review I think:

    First off what's with the funny noises again?

    Well I noticed something last night, Kerry Bishé is seeming more like a lead now and not playing third or even fourth fiddle to the Scrubs of old cast. Lucy was toned down and is now pulling off the scared girl who thinks she is out of her league. I noticed something last night that was also picked up by fellow Scrubs-Wiki member Ah2846 that Lucy's fantasies are always result of her own narration. As well as her hilarious trait to me of her internal monologue spilling out into spoken words.

    Light on Cole again good thing I guess, nice to see he went back on his own accord to see Paul the patient.

    Also very light on Drew and Denise whi…

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  • Remlap1986

    Our First Day of School and Our Drunk Friend Reviews

    I want to start on the new opening sequence, love the actual opening, dislike the Superman cover by WAZ, there is obviously going to be a pass off of the X-Ray to Lucy sometime this season, remember the opening is never final, we seen it change so many times and even have characters take the mickey out of it.

    Fact they went with The Janitor gag that was joked about on I think the S8 DVD commentaries lost the fun of seeing The Janitor one last time, it was a little to predictable, and that's not the Janitor I know.

    Lucy I absolute nothing her so far, every scene she was in I would try and spot other characters like Snoop Dog Attending, Beardface and others.

    She came off as like white noise, I…

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  • Remlap1986

    Our Role Models Review

    December 12, 2009 by Remlap1986

    Our Role Models Review

    This episode was definitely back to Season Eight form, even if J.D. neediness was straight up annoying.

    Everything felt a lot better with this episode other than that.

    I am going to group Lucy and Denise together for this:

    Lucy works well with Denise, just like J.D. character worked well with Denise too. Denise is opening up, which was clearly obvious in episode two and is far more so in this episode. Eliza Coupe's acting was touching and absolutely superb with the patients son.

    From the first time we learnt Denise was going to be a full time character I knew she would be an unwilling mentor.

    Lucy was just around, her character is still very awkward and essentially a female J.D., although I did really enjoy the freaked out…

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