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Janitorless S9 - too soon to tell?

Ohmyn0 December 6, 2009 User blog:Ohmyn0

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I should make it know off the bat - my favorite character from the first eight seasons was easily Janitor. He was really the biggest reason to tune in to the series. I was very skeptical of the season off the bat because I really enjoyed My Finale. When I found out that Neil Flynn wasn't returning full-time, I lost even more faith. However, I decided to give it a chance and see how it went. Bill Lawrence promised that it would be a total overhaul - and it was. It is still too soon to tell if Season 9 will be as great as the original series. Lucy is supposed to be insecure, but for some reason Kerry Bishe's acting just comes off as insecure, rather than the character. I think the ninth series definitely has potential, but I need to see more to make a final decision.

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