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So, for some time now, we know, a ninth season of Scrubs is coming. There have been arguments all over the Internet from people who say it will ruin the legacy, it will suck, there can't be a Scrubs without J.D. and probably a gazillion of other arguments why a ninth season will be worse than world war two.

True, it won't be the same, the only two regulars from the 'old' Scrubs are going to be Donald Faison as Turk and John C. McGinley as Dr. Cox. But as Bill Lawrence doesn't stop to say, it will be a Spin Off, despite it's probable non name change. Maybe I should clarify something first: I personally would have preferred a slight name change, but truth to be told, will this single thing change anything about the quality of the show? The clear anwer is: No!

Ok, now you probably already know that I support the decision to continue Scrubs. And despite that, the med-school setting sounds pretty interesting for new stories. Also it's hard to argue with Bill Lawrences argument, that there are about 200 people who are his friends who can stay employed because of this decision. Also, if I trust one person in the industry with Scrubs, it's the creator. He knows his show, brought it back on track in Season Eight and he will still be around. And he clearly loves his own show.

So, to close this first part (I will write more later about what I think about the developing story lines ans also about what I think about the new and recurring characters), I want to close it with a Bill citation from a recent interview, that actually captures my feelings perfectly: Alan Sepinwall interviews Bill Lawrence :

It very well may suck. But don't say it sucks until you see it. And my pledge is that if it sucks, it's not going to suck in a fizzly way. It's going to suck in a giant, "Oh my god" kind of way, because we're really swinging for the fences and trying to do some big stuff.

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