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The Cool Cats
Artist Information
Origin Sacred Heart Hospital
Genre(s) Air-band
Status Indefinite Hiatus
In Scrubs
Songs Performed "More Than a Feeling"
1 Appearances
"My Half-Acre"
We don't just rock together...we roll together. Cool Cats!

The Cool Cats is an air band formed by Janitor & Ted in My Half-Acre. When Turk stands up to Kelso he bans air banding from Sacred Heart Hospital. When Turk says sorry, he takes the rule away.

Band MembersEdit

The Cool Cats

Turk Janitor Ted Lloyd
Lead Singer Bass Guitar Lead Guitar Drums


  • At the end of "My Half-Acre", Turk can be seen lip syncing the wrong words. A commonly misunderstood line, he says "I may be dreaming", but the correct line is "I BEGIN dreaming".
  • Turk wanted to call the band "Mercy Flush" before he joined.
  • Dr. Kelso referred to them as "The Turkletones", after his name for Turk (Turkleton), and the fact that music was involved.


The Cool Cats perform "More Than A Feeling" 01:17

The Cool Cats perform "More Than A Feeling"

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