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The Blanks
The Blanks
Artist Information
Origin Vermont, Philadelphia, Massachusetts
Genre(s) A Cappella
Status Active
Label Independent
In Scrubs
15 Appearances
"My Hero" ••• "My Finale"

The Blanks is an A Cappella band composed of Sam Lloyd, Philip McNiven, George Miserlis and Paul Perry. They play The Worthless Peons in Scrubs, which was later changed to Foghat after being sued by a dutch metal band with the same name in "My Way Home", the extended version. Both Sam and Paul are members of The Butties.


The Blanks formed as four friends who enjoyed singing a cappella together. Since appearing in Scrubs The Blanks have released an album of music heard in the show. They are also regularly on tour and delight audiences with their mix of a cappella sound and comedy.


The Blanks

Sam Lloyd
Sam Lloyd (lead tenor)
Paul Perry
Paul Perry (bass)
George Miserlis
George Miserlis (baritone)
Philip McNiven
Philip McNiven (tenor)
Ted Randall Crispin Roy

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TV Ad00:30


The Blanks - Commandos (Attack!), aka Ted's Band from Scrubs02:49

The Blanks - Commandos (Attack!), aka Ted's Band from Scrubs

  TV ad for The Blanks CD Riding the Wave   Music video for The Blanks - Commandos (Attack!)
The Blanks - Hey Ya! (Official Video and Outkast cover by Ted's Band from Scrubs)04:29

The Blanks - Hey Ya! (Official Video and Outkast cover by Ted's Band from Scrubs)

The Blanks - Guy Love (Official Video)04:30

The Blanks - Guy Love (Official Video)

  Music video for "Hey Yah!"   Music video for "Guy Love"

Appeared InEdit

SONGS IN SEASON List of music featured in Scrubs
SOUNDTRACKS ScrubsScrubs, Volume 2"My Musical"
THE WORTHLESS PEONS Ted BucklandRandallCrispinRoy
THE BLANKS Sam LloydPaul PerryGeorge MiserlisPhilip McNiven
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