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St. Vincent's Hospital
St. Vincents
St. Vincent's Hospital Logo
St. Vincent's Hospital's Logo
Location California
Purpose Hospital
First seen "My Chief Concern"

St. Vincent's Hospital is a teaching hospital in California.


St. Vincent's Hospital is presumably around a 37-minute drive from former Sacred Heart. The Chief of Medicine is Dr. Mantoots, an elderly yet respectable gentleman. Dr. Kim Briggs lives near the hospital and works as a urologist there. Dr. John Dorian works as the Residency Director for the hospital.

It is assumed St. Vincent's is also affiliated with Winston University by sending their Residency Director in Dr. John Dorian to teach there.

Significant staff

Dr. Mantoots
Dr. Mantoots
Dr. John Dorian
Kim Briggs
Dr. Kim Briggs
Chief of Medicine Residency Director Urologist

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