You know that bald sweaty lawyer guy? I saw him this morning. With a girl. Check this out - I think they like each other!Sunny


Screw You with Ted and the Gooch

Ted and Gooch sing

Sunny has her day off, so instead of presenting a regular episode of her video diary, she shows Ted and a girl playing ukulele presenting a song, and calls the episode: "That Bald Sweaty Lawyer & The Girl that he's Sweet on".

Plot Points

  • Sunny has her day off.
  • Ted is singing together with Stephanie, they obviously like each other.

Guest Stars


Scrubs Interns - Webisode 4 - Screw You With Ted and The Gooch02:34

Scrubs Interns - Webisode 4 - Screw You With Ted and The Gooch

"Screw You with Ted and the Gooch"


  • The song "Screw You" originally was called "F*** You", sung by Kate Micucci (who plays Gooch) and Riki Lindhome. In the original version, Kate sings the part that Ted sings in the webisode (Youtube video)
  • This episode takes place after My Lawyer's in Love but was released before the episode.
  • The song comes from the episode My Lawyer's in Love however, only the first half of the song was shown in that episode.



1. "Our Intern Class"
2. "Our Meeting with J.D."
3. "Our Meeting in the Broom Closet"
4. "Screw You with Ted and the Gooch"
5. "The Late Night with Jimmy Show"
6. "Our Meeting with the Braintrust"

  7. "Legal Custodian Outtakes"
  8. "Our Bedside Manner"
  9. "Our Meeting with Turk and the Todd"
10. "Our Final Advice"
11. "Our Meeting with Carla"
12. "Legal Custodians Episode"

   Episodes: 12345678 w9

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