You know that bald sweaty lawyer guy? I saw him this morning. With a girl. Check this out - I think they like each other!Sunny


Screw You with Ted and the Gooch

Ted and Gooch sing

Sunny has her day off, so instead of presenting a regular episode of her video diary, she shows Ted and a girl playing ukulele presenting a song, and calls the episode: "That Bald Sweaty Lawyer & The Girl that he's Sweet on".

Plot Points

  • Sunny has her day off.
  • Ted is singing together with Stephanie, they obviously like each other.

Guest Stars


Scrubs Interns - Webisode 4 - Screw You With Ted and The Gooch02:34

Scrubs Interns - Webisode 4 - Screw You With Ted and The Gooch

"Screw You with Ted and the Gooch"


  • The song "Screw You" originally was called "F*** You", sung by Kate Micucci (who plays Gooch) and Riki Lindhome. In the original version, Kate sings the part that Ted sings in the webisode (Youtube video)
  • This episode takes place after My Lawyer's in Love but was released before the episode.
  • The song comes from the episode My Lawyer's in Love however, only the first half of the song was shown in that episode.


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