Reverend Randall Winston was the founder of Winston University.


In the late 1800's, Rev. Randall Winston founded the Winston School for Wayward Pioneer Boys as a refuge for young men. But when the stock market crashed in 1929 and the depression hit he decided to turn it into Winston University by starting to charge his students tuition.


  • Rev. Randall Winston follows a long history of characters being named "Randall" or "Winston", notably Randall Winston, the custodian.
  • Rev. Winston appeared in a single web video that aired on before Season Nine.

Winston University logo
Faculty: Dr. Perry CoxDr. Robert KelsoDr. Christopher Turk
Students: Lucy BennettCole AaronsonDrew SuffinMayaTrangClint
Staff: Captain Melvis DuncookLieutenant Frank UnderhillDr. Denise Mahoney
Founder: Reverend Randall Winston

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