So, you could be having a gomer, who's CTD, you turf him somewhere and he gets bounced back. Are we tying things together guys?J.D.


Our Meeting with J.D.

J.D. teaching

Sunny set up cameras around the classroom so her diary would be exciting. She is listening to Katie's and Denise's conversation about their sex lives. Katie finds it hard to be sexually active because of how busy she is at Sacred Heart. She then rejects Howie's offer. Denise states that she like guys with some meat on them because they "try harder".

Dr. John Dorian enters the room, apologizes for having to leave, and continues giving a lesson about hospital vernacular. He explains many acronyms such as CTD (circling the drain), T.C.W. (tasty coma wife), "gomer" (get outta my emergency room), turfing and bouncing (send patients to other wards), LGFD (looks good from door) and HFFA (hot from far away). He then ends the lecture and leaves. Sunny finds a strange note which tells her "Meeting in broom closet after lecture. Be there." which none of the other interns received.

Plot Points

  • Denise and Katie talk about their sex lives.
  • J.D. lectures the new interns on hospital jargon.
  • Sunny receives a mysterious note.

Guest Stars



Apparently only three people viewed episode one. But that's ok! Thanks mom and Ragola Auntie. Also, thanks to Donnie from Sarasota. I'm glad you think Indian chicks are tasty. They are!Sunny

Fattys just try harder.Denise

Hey everybody, sorry I am late, but my carb-light delivery meal came and it's very perishable. Laugh all you want, but as you can see, something is happening here and I'm very pleased with it.J.D.