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"My Rite of Passage"
My Rite of Passage
  Season Five, Episode Two   
Writer Janae Bakken
Director Bill Lawrence
Air Date January 3, 2006 on NBClogo


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I believe in team-building too, Newbie, and I'd make my interns agree with me but they're on a time out because one of them used the phrase "Let's rock and roll".Dr. Cox


5x2 Sam Thompson
Sam Thompson returns to Sacred Heart.
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Dr. Cox is unsure about working with his wife at the hospital. Dr. Cox warns Jordan to stop the carpool torturing games or he will put a Plexiglas separator down the middle of the car so she'll stop driving him crazy. During lunch, Jordan joins Dr. Cox but he tries to avoid sitting by his wife to sit with Dr. Kelso. Dr. Cox tells Jordan to make friends and asks for space in the work environment. Jordan decides to join J.D., Carla, Turk's table and tells them to be her friend. Later, when Jordan joins her fellow colleagues again, everyone escapes except Turk. Sam, an ICU patient, offers to become Jordan's friend. Turk realizes the patient Jordan befriends is an ex-junkie from the past who conned Elliot into giving him drugs. He tries to warn Jordan, but Dr. Cox decides Jordan should experience what it's like to work at the hospital. Jordan is conned out of $500.00. Dr. Cox tells Jordan she had to go through a rite of passage in order to be accepted in the hospital as it happens to all new employees. In the end, Turk, J.D., and Carla invite Jordan to sit with them at lunch.

As the new attending physician, J.D. tries to build a relationship with his interns. He begins leading his interns in a group huddle to cheer on their day's work, practices trust exercises with blind folds and also spent the weekend building a house for the homeless. Dr. Kelso advises J.D. to treat his interns like crap. J.D. also tells jokes that he thinks are hilarious and thinks his interns like them too. Janitortells J.D. that the interns only laugh at his jokes because he's the boss, though J.D. thinks Janitor is wrong.

5x2 Elliot and Charlie
Charlie frightens Elliot
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Elliot likes everything about her fellowship except her co-fellow Charlie who tries to scare her to death. Elliot declines Charlie invite to work on the osteogeneis imperfecta therapy together. Later, Elliot loses her fellowship when her Director announces that Charlie found a cure for the OI disease and no longer needs her. Elliot is embarrassed when her co-workers start teasing her after Carla gossips to the nurses about an embarrassing experience. Elliot confides in Carla that she's a big gossip and that she should learn how to keep a secret, otherwise she'll never trust her again. Carla earns Elliot's trust back when she decided to not tell Turk and J.D. that Elliot lost her fellowship position.

5x2 interns at table
The new batch of interns.
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Plot PointsEdit

  • J.D. tries to build a relationship with his interns, even though Dr. Kelso advises him to treat them like crap.
  • Dr. Cox doesn't want to work around the hospital with Jordan.
  • Carla loses Elliot's trust after spreading gossip.

Recurring ThemesEdit

5x2 J.D. pushes interns off roof
J.D. pushes Rex off the rood
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  • J.D. pushes all his interns off the roof, one by one.
5x2 bleeding Rex
Rex bleeding
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  • J.D. and his interns building houses, J.D. cuts open Rex's chest with a circular saw.
  • J.D.'s "one pump mocha" joke.
  • Turk remembers Sam Thompson trying to con Elliot for drugs.
  • Elliot farting at an ATM, getting a new nickname, 'Bankfarter'.

Janitor storyEdit

Janitor tries to prove to J.D. that the only reason that J.D.'s interns laugh at his jokes is because J.D. is their boss. He goes about proving this in disguise, firstly as an Intern and then as a Security Guard.

J.D.'s Girl NameEdit

  • Daphne
Daphne, ketchup.Dr. Cox

Episode GagsEdit

  • On two occasions, Turk unwittingly gives J.D. a set up for a joke, and J.D. carries him off to find someone else to hear it and laugh.
  • On two occasions, staff members run away, trying to avoid Jordan, leaving Turk as the only person stuck with her.
  • J.D. has a "cocky self-laugh" (as noted by the Janitor) whenever he's trying to be funny.

Guest Stars Edit

5x2 scary Charlie
J.P. Manoux as Charlie
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5x2 J.D. Rex burgers
Aaron Ikeda as Rex
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Music Edit

     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Sooner or Later" by Michael Tolcher


5x2 Jordan keys
Jordan torments Dr. Cox
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5x2 J.D. Jason and Keith building a house
J.D., Jason, and Keith build a house
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5x2 Cox's interns in a corner
Cox puts his interns in a corner
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5x2 Carla at county
Carla visits Elliot at her new job
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5x2 Elliot bankfarter
Elliot farts in a bank
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5x2 Elliot at county
Elliot at her new job
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5x2 Todd points at breasts
Todd points at breasts
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5x2 Janitor as intern
Janitor dressed as an intern
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Kick some ass today, guys! Except for Mr. Woodsen in 302.. he's got that rectal tear!J.D.

I believe in team-building too, Newbie, and I'd make my interns agree with me but they're on a time out because one of them used the phrase "Let's rock and roll".Dr. Cox
Sir, I’d love to chat but it’s already 8. I’ve got to rock and roll.J.D.
I beg your pardon?Dr. Cox

[Dr. Cox forces J.D. into the corner with every other intern who used the phrase "Let's rock and roll"]

I’m an attending!
Tell it to the wall, Newbie.

How would we embarrass her?Turk
Oh, maybe by diagnosing all of your female patients with 'Turk Fever'.Carla
Honey, a lot of women suffer from that.
It's true, I even had it.J.D.

[Turk and J.D. are playing 'Multi-Ethnic Siamese Doctor']

Bite, please.Turk
Here it is.J.D.

[Turk eats the burger]

Mmmm, that's heading right to our joint colon.

Ketchup is for winners, Ted.Dr. Kelso

I am your new friend, so suck it!Jordan

Get off my back. I'm not in the mood.Turk
That's what she said. Zoom, zoom, zoom!J.D.

His tumor is looking so big, it's starting to look like a three-mor!J.D.

I was going to be a cardiologist, but I didn't have the heart.Dr. Kelso

There it is, just like I said. I can feel your hatred like a cool spring breeze. Ahhh.Dr. Kelso

Keith, don't worry, buddy. We're cool.J.D.
Nah, See your death.
Have you guys been fake laughing at my jokes? Be honest. I promise, absolutely no ramifications. J.D.
Well we've been kind of fake laughingKeith
Keith, I hope you die a violent death and bugs eat your corpse.J.D.


5x2 interns on couch
The new interns are scoulded
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5x2 Charlie
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  • Alexander Gaberman, one of the stars of Bill Lawrence's previous show Spin City makes his second guest appearance on Scrubs as Sam Thompson.
  • When Dr. Cox is talking to Jordan, he takes a bite out of his unwrapped "heroin/smoked turkey" sandwich. When the camera angle changes, the sandwich is in white paper and no bite has been taken out of it.
  • Apparently, 75 people work at Sacred Heart, despite J.D. learning 314/315 names in "My Identity Crisis". Though 75 may be the amount of seats in the cafeteria.
  • When J.D. offers the ketchup to his interns, and Elliot immediately calls for it, J.D. tosses it to her with no indication that the ketchup had been recapped.
  • This is the first episode to actually feature Travis Schuldt as Keith Dudemeister, although he appeared in the previous episode all shot were from his eyes, and so he was never actually seen.
  • Towards the end of the episode, when Jordan sits at the table with J.D., Turk, Carla and Laverne, it can be seen that Jordan is wearing red slippers.
  • When Elliot farts it's obvious she's making the noise from her mouth.



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