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That's really very sweet of you to think that you're that important.Ben Sullivan

"My Occurrence" is the twenty-second episode of Scrubs' first season. Dr. Cox's best friend/Jordan's brother, Ben Sullivan (Brendan Fraser) causes trouble in the hospital for many people. J.D. comes to like Ben and wants to hang out with him and Dr. Cox, but has trouble accepting news about Ben.



Ben has injured himself

Dr. Cox and a patient hug for a very long time. When the patient kisses him on the cheek, Dr. Cox stops the hug. J.D. walks in and it is revealed that the patient is Ben Sullivan, a good friend of Dr. Cox's. Ben has a nail shot straight through the hand stuck to a board and J.D. faints from all the blood. It turns out that Ben is Jordan's brother, but when she divorced Perry, Ben chose to like him more. Ben likes to take candid pictures of people, and Jordan doesn't like it. Turk is prepping for surgery but just as he is about to remove a testicle they notice the patient should be Jewish but isn't circumcised. Todd comes into the O.R. asking if there is a mix-up as their appendicitis patient doesn't have an appendix.

Jill Tracy is back at the hospital. She has been traveling since her last breakdown and she's engaged. This makes it easier for Elliot to mention that her vomiting and nausea is because she is pregnant. Jill is confused because she and her fiance haven't had sex yet. Jordan isn't happy that Ben is doing contractor work as he keeps on hurting himself. Dr. Cox and Ben want to go for a beer and they ask J.D. to come along, but as it turns out only as a driver.


Ben, J.D., and Dr. Cox go to the bar.

Dr. Kelso makes it clear to Turk that accidents that nearly happened are not good for the hospital and the patient should never find out. Turk agrees to keep his mouth shut. Elliot races to Jill's room but Jill is already on the phone with her fiance explaining that she slept with other people. Elliot tells her there was a mix-up and she isn't actually pregnant. Playing pool at the bar, Perry notices that Ben's hand is still bleeding. Ben also says he cut himself shaving last week and it wouldn't stop bleeding. The two doctors notice the symptoms and take him back to the hospital. J.D.'s job is to get the test results back. When they finally come back, it turns out Ben has leukemia. He needs to bring the results to Ben and Perry but he thinks about how many mix-ups have happened in the hospital lately so he says they haven't come back yet. See the fantasies section of this article to see how this episode ends.

Recurring Themes Edit

     More: FantasiesFlashbacksJ.D.'s girl namesJanitor's pranks and lies


Doug meets Dr. Bobb

Fantasies Edit

  • Jordan gives Ben an Indian Burn, and his arm actually catches on fire.
  • When Doug enters Dr. Bobb's lab, blood is squirted on the window and a hand claws for help.
  • The whole of second half of the episode is a fantasy, which started from when J.D. walks into the room with Dr. Cox and Ben putting cards on their foreheads. The fantasy is about J.D. being unable to come to terms with Ben having leukemia. In the fantasy, Carla, Dr. Kelso, and Fred Bobb give him clues that he is imagining a better outcome. The game is up when Ben asks for a posed photo with the whole group.

Janitor story Edit

  • Janitor claims to only work an hour and a half a day and spends the rest of the day following and tracking J.D., who isn't sure if it's a lie or not. Janitor shows up in the background of all of Ben's pictures of J.D.

J.D.'s Girl Names Edit

  • Gladys
Gladys, if you could chalk it without pleasuring it that'd be terrific.Dr. Cox

  • Clara
Alright, Clara, you can go ahead and order yourself a cosmopolitan--I'll just grab a cab home.Dr. Cox

  • Janice
Oh, Janice, are those the test results we've been waiting for?Dr. Cox

Guest Stars Edit

Music Edit

     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Daydreams and Lies" by Keren DeBerg
  • "Hold On Hope" by Guided by Voices

Quotes Edit


Jordan hurts Ben.

Name an actress. J.D. could tell you which movie she appeared in naked.Turk

You are clumsy, that's why stuff like that keeps happening.Jordan

They don't keep happening.Ben Sullivan
How many times have you hurt yourself with that nailgun?

Oh, come on!

What? With that nailgun, it's a new nailgun. If it would've been with the other nailgun, then yeah the estimated would be slightly higher.

So, what's that, like your lucky board...or something?J.D.

Oh, that? No, it's a nail-gun accident.Ben Sullivan
Oh, my God, that's disgusting!

I already dosed him with morphine, and the x-ray says the nail went straight through, so it's not that big a d... Oh, dear God, she's getting woozy! Quickly, show her the bloody side!Dr. Cox
Look at that!
Yeah, yeah!

Touch the nail!
Touch the nail!
Wanna touch it?
Touch it!
Touch the nail! Touch my nail! TOUCH IT! LICK THE TIP OF MY---!

[J.D. passes out]

Pictures capture moments in time. When they're posed, they're not real. You know, I hate that whole, like, "gneen!" thing. That's why, at a party, you'll see me in the bushes with my camera.Ben Sullivan

You're a little weird, aren't you.J.D.
Just a little bit.Ben Sullivan

Wait, why would you want a picture like that? I thought you said that posed pictures aren't real?J.D.

Come on, J.D. None of this is real. You know that.Ben
What do you mean?

Think about it.



To be continued...

  • When Brendan Fraser was asked to appear, he told creator Bill Lawrence that he wanted to really develop his character over two episodes, which is why this episode ended with "To Be Continued".
  • Throughout the episode, there are several hints that suggest that J.D. is imagining the events:
    • When Ben goes to talk to J.D., his gauze is off and there is no visible injury from the nail.
    • Ben waves with his right hand, no gauze, no visible injury.
    • Ben, who hates posed photographs, asks for one to be taken.
  • Ben Sullivan's photo's that are showed through the episode and the following one have been shot by Brendan Fraser himself on the set, both on and behind the scenes.
  • When everyone is in the cafeteria, J.D. is drinking apple juice, but, moments later, he is shown with a milk carton, and Elliot has the apple juice.
  • Ben actually acknowledges Janitor's existence in this episode by asking J.D. why The Janitor is always following him in the photos Ben has taken. This is the first time anyone other than J.D. has actually acknowledged Janitor's existence in a verbal way, but since a large part of the episode is supposed to be a fantasy, this might have been just in J.D.'s head.
  • When J.D. flashes back to the various clues throughout his fantasy, the scene with Carla is slightly modified. "Either your instincts are right, or your brain is trying to protect you from something" becomes "Either your instincts are right, or your brain is trying to protect you from the truth".
  • In this episode Elliot says that she is 26. In "My Musical", she says that she is 29 and more than 5 years pass between these two episodes. Therefore, one or the other must be a mistake. (Or she may not want to reveal she's over 30"
  • When Ben firsts talks to Jordan in this episode, she says he looks pale. Although it seems that she says so just to screw with him, Ben might actually be pale because of the leukaemia.
  • Dr. Kelso always calls the staff by last name. However, he calls Todd by his first name.
  • Patient Jill Tracy says "And then I went to Florida to swim with the Dolphins! And I don't mean the fish!". Dolphins aren't fish, they are mammals.
  • In this episode, J.D. drinks beer despite saying in later episodes that he hates beer.
  • In this episode, Leonard is seen without a hook for a hand. If this is ment as an error, it might not be. As this could be before Leanord's ice machine accident.
  • The title of the episode is a reference to "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge," a short story in which a man about to be executed escapes in the nick of time, only to die at the end of the story when it is revealed that he imagined the whole thing.
  • When Elliot talks about Jill's water bottle, she points to her left, facing Jill. However, when the camera cuts to Jill, the water bottle is standing behind her.

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