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"My Drug Buddy"
My Drug Buddy
  Season One, Episode Fourteen   
Writer Matt Tarses
Director Michael Spiller
Air Date January 22, 2002 on NBClogo


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I, uh, I think what she means is, she doesn't give a crappuccino!Dr. Kelso

"My Drug Buddy" is the fourteenth episode of Scrubs' first season. J.D. and Alex keep getting interrupted before they can have sex. Turk keeps on meeting Dr. Cox at the toilet and they get to know each other. Dr. Kelso gives Carla several rides to work, and they temporarily become friends.



Cox and Turk become Pee buddies

J.D. is enamored with his new girlfriend Alex, but they haven't had sex yet. Alex says she is ready, but first Turk and later Elliot interrupt just as J.D. and Alex start to get passionate. Dr. Kelso and Carla become friends while he drives her to work, which causes the other nurses to be upset with Carla. At Carla's behest, Turk tries to become friends with Dr. Cox and they wind up on the same pee schedule. After some Percocet goes missing, Elliot accuses a recovering addict patient, while Alex defends him, putting J.D. in the middle. J.D. accuses Elliot of being jealous and tells her she had a chance with him, but she blew it. Elliot is hurt, even shouldering him at work.

In the end, Carla discovers that Dr. Kelso does what makes him happy and doesn't care what other people think, and this hits home when he drives through a puddle, splashing her rather than picking her up. Dr. Cox and Turk come to an understanding about Dr. Cox's crush on Carla. J.D. learns that Alex is the true thief, and when he apologizes to Elliot for accusing her of being jealous, she admits she was jealous. She then advances on him and they make out, proceeding to the bed to have sex.

Recurring Themes Edit

     More: FantasiesFlashbacksJ.D.'s girl namesJanitor's pranks and lies


A marching band interrupts


A monkey is excited too.

Fantasies Edit

  • A marching band, including a monkey slamming cymbals together, enters J.D.'s bedroom after Alex says she's ready to have sex with him. The monkey covers its eyes before the cut to the title.
  • Elliot sprays down J.D. and Alex with a fire hose in the on call room as they were about to have sex.
  • J.D. arranges flowers on the bed for when Alex and him have sex.

Janitor story Edit

Janitor bets J.D. $20 that he won't get to sleep with Alex. J.D. originally refuses to comment on the matter and deems it personal. Somehow Janitor claims to know they did not sleep together and wins the bet.

J.D.'s Girl Names Edit

  • Grace, (two times)
  • Dr. Cox also calls Elliot Will, therefore the two are Will and Grace.
Alright Will and Grace, break down.Dr. Cox

Ok, Grace, you want to finish?Dr. Cox

Guest Stars Edit


J.D. waits for Alex.

Music Edit

     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Fighting For My Love" by Nil Lara
  • "1812 Overture (Opus 49)" by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky



Kelso fails to hide from Carla in his car.

You taste like old eggs.Alex

Oh my god I'm so sorry.J.D.
I love old eggs.

Oh, for the love of Oprah!Dr. Cox

I yelled at you because that paperwork looked like it had been done by a drunk four year-old.Dr. Kelso

Nah. But why does that matter?J.D.

Because I was jealous.Elliot



Elliot abruptly interrupts Alex and J.D.

  • Dr. Cox learns Turk's name in this episode.
  • Elliot seems to suspect the drug addict of stealing the drugs in this episode, but in My Scrubs she seems to be more forgiving and does not suspect that Sam Thompson would still con people into giving him drugs, even after he had nearly conned her in the past, which is a big change. However, this could be explained by Elliot's desire to disagree with Alex because of her jealousy over J.D..
  • In the scene where Carla misses the bus and asks Dr. Kelso for a ride, there is obviously no traffic in the street so Dr. Kelso is not delayed by the bus, and that his car is parked. He has no reason whatsoever to be there as he doesn't live in the neighborhood, and just passes the street when he splashes water on Carla.
  • When the Janitor says "He didn't sleep with her" while Elliot and J.D. are talking in the cafeteria, Elliot doesn't acknowledge his response. This is in line with the idea of him being J.D.'s imagination.
  • J.D. takes the drugs out of Alex's purse twice, but only reacts the second time.
  • When J.D. says to Alex "Remember when the new Star Wars movie came out and it was built up, and people went to see it, but it really wasn't that great in bed?", he is referring to Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, released 16 years after the last Star Wars movie.
  • When Laverne says "I was supposed to see my nephew tonight in Pippin", she is referring to the stage musical Pippin.
  • When Dr. Cox says "Oh, for the love of Oprah!", he is referring to Oprah Winfrey, the host of The Oprah Winfrey Show.
  • J.D. calling The Janitor "Jolly Green" is an allusion to the Green Giant food company's symbol, the Jolly Green Giant.
  • Dr. Cox calls J.D. and Elliot "Will and Grace", an allusion to the NBC sitcom Will and Grace, which is focused on the lives of Will Truman, a homosexual lawyer, and his best friend, Grace Adler, a straight Jewish woman.
  • "My Drug Buddy" is a song by The Lemonheads on the album It's a Shame About Ray.
  • The treatment record held by the nurse talking to Laverne about her nephew is a military medical record.
  • Title explanation: J.D.'s new girlfriend, Alex Hanson, is a drug addict.

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