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Why would you tell me you miscarried our child, when you clearly didn't?J.D. to Kim


In an effort to get over Elliot, J.D. accompanies Turk to Phoenix, AZ to attend a medical convention. There, Dr. Kelso and other Chiefs of Medicine live up the party. They attend a lecture given by J.D.'s ex-girlfriend, Dr. Kim Briggs, who is actually pregnant - despite the fact she told him a few months earlier that she miscarried. J.D. is upset with her for lying to him, and stands her up at the bar where he promised to talk things out with her.

Back at Sacred Heart, Elliot has problems planning her wedding. Keith doesn't realize the wedding is 100% up to her. Dr. Cox refuses to attend Elliot's wedding, however Elliot retaliates by refusing Dr. Cox the use of her private practice's SPECT Camera, which he uses anyways. Later, Dr. Cox makes her doubt her love for Keith, and makes her think she is marrying just to get married. Elliot becomes increasingly stressed about her wedding with Keith, making him prove his love by performing her every demand. In the end, Dr. Cox and Carla make her feel alright by calming her nerves.

Plot PointsEdit

  • J.D., Turk and Dr Kelso visit a convention in Phoenix, where J.D. discovers Kim is still pregnant.
  • Dr. Cox upsets Elliot while she is planning her wedding.

Recurring ThemesEdit


  • J.D. can't resist using his "colleague" Dr. Toilet (a diagnosing toilet).
  • Dr. Cox explains to Elliot that she is only marrying Keith because he is her last resort after weeding out the women and the gays, the too poor, the too old, the ones who just barely beat the rap for murdering their first wife(ie. Dr. Mickhead), and of course Ted.


  • J.D. orders Basic Instinct 2 on Moviefone.
  • J.D. and Turk do "convention stuff" with Old Young MC.

Janitor storyEdit

While Dr. Kelso is in Phoenix, Janitor role plays the part of the Chief of Medicine. He wears glasses and arranges the budget to purchase a Spect Camera. When Dr. Kelso gets upset, Janitor blames Ted.

J.D.'s Girl NamesEdit

Guest StarsEdit


     List of music featured in Scrubs

  • "Vacation" by The Go-Go's
  • "Human" by Jon McLaughlin


Bust a Move!Old Young MC

One of them dudes is gonna die this weekend.Turk

You have a problem sir, seek help!J.D.

Soulmate? Try 'last resort.' Let's just be honest for two seconds here. You've basically lived in this dump for the past six years, and there weren't that many guys to choose from. Once you eliminate the women AND the gays," (a group of nurses disappear) "the too old," (Dr. Beardface and another attending disappear) "the too poor," (a cafeteria worker, a surgical resident, and a medical resident disappear) "the ones who just barely beat the rap for murdering their first wife," (Dr. Mickhead disappears) "and of course, Ted...Dr. Cox

Noooo!!Ted, diving out from behind a pillar
...well then, what's left?

When I got engaged, all I could think about was 'Why am I with this angry, cynical idiot?' but then I thought through it and realized he was the love of my life. Unfortunately, we had a little argument and we broke up, but then I met Perry a month later, we have two beautiful children and the point is sometimes settling works.Jordan


  • Elliot writes "Dumb Frick" directly underneath the collar of Keith's scrubs, yet the writing is gone in subsequent shots.
  • Elliot says she wanted Flourished Italic as the lettering on the wedding invites, yet the lettering she tells Keith that it should look like is Copperplate.
  • During Dr. Cox's rant/fantasy sequence of Elliot's choices of men, he noticeably does not mention J.D., although he most likely would've fallen under "the women."
  • Janitor calls Carla "Nurse Ipanema" a reference to an earlier episode when he dances to "The Girl From Ipanema".
  • Elliot says that she has reserved a church for the third weekend in July every year since she was 19, but in the season three episode named "My Journey" she says that she has booked her wedding for April 25th 2006.
  • Dr. Cox says Elliot's wedding date, July 21, in a strange way. Instead of saying "July twenty-first", he says "July twenty-one".
  • The director of this episode, Michael McDonald, voiced Dr. Toilet.
  • The production set of the Phoenix Convention Center is the same set used in My Interpretation for the funeral of Jamie's (T.C.W's) husband.

Title explanationEdit

"Conventional" is a play on the word convention (like the one J.D. and Turk are at) and the meaning of the word. The wisdom part refers to the J.D.'s wisdom about his unborn child.



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