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Mrs. Tanner
Mrs. Tanner
Portrayed by Kathryn Joosten
Ailment Kidney failure
Status Deceased
Family Samantha Tanner (granddaughter)
Children Tommy Tanner
Gina Tanner
"My Old Lady" ••• "My Finale"
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Mrs. Tanner was a patient at Sacred Heart Hospital.


Mrs. Tanner was a charismatic old lady who taught J.D. several life lessons. She could've gone through dialysis to prolong her life, but she decided she had lived a long and eventful life and wanted to die peacefully. ("My Old Lady")

Later J.D. fantasized to confirm, he didn't kill anyone yet ("My First Kill"). Also she was one of the people who J.D. imagined saying good-bye to him at his last day at Sacred Heart. ("My Finale")


Mrs. Tanner has a son, Tommy, and a daughter Gina. She also has a granddaughter Samantha. She gets along well with her doctor, J.D.


  • Mrs. Tanner appears in J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart, asking him if he has taken his picnic yet. ("My Finale")



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