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Mrs. Cross is a patient who terrorizes J.D. at Sacred Heart.


When Dr. Cox counts the number of people in the room that can kick J.D.'s ass, Carla adds Mrs. Cross as person number 5. Carla relays that previously Mrs. Cross went off her meds and slammed J.D. with a cafeteria tray. J.D. says she came out of nowhere. When Mrs. Cross scares J.D. he reveals that he has taken her dentures so that she can't eat "her beloved hard candy". ("My Best Moment")

Personality ProfileEdit

Likes Edit

  • Kicking J.D.'s ass.
  • Sneaking up and scaring J.D.
  • Hard Candy

Trivia Edit

  • J.D. wears her dentures on a chain around his neck and refuses to give them back.


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