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3x15 Todd's dad

A young Todd and his father. ("My Tormented Mentor")

Don't want to read through our complete list of flashbacks because you're only looking for flashbacks of things that happened before 2001? That's a very obscure and random request, but here you go: a list of every Scrubs flashback that originally occurred before J.D., Turk, and Elliot started at Sacred Heart.

Season OneEdit


"My Super Ego"

"My Super Ego"Edit

  • M*A*S*H J.D. plays M*A*S*H with his older brother, when they were younger.

"My Fifteen Minutes"Edit

  • Science Fair A young Turk wins a science fair of which he didn't enter.

"My Bed Banter & Beyond"Edit

  • Family Movie Night J.D. watches Basic Instinct with his grandma.

"My Tuscaloosa Heart"

"My Tuscaloosa Heart"Edit

  • Walk in A young J.D. walks into his parents' bedroom in the middle of the night.

"My Old Man"Edit

  • Perms Elliot as a small child crying about her mother telling her that perm's are for "trailer trash."

Season TwoEdit

2x9 J.D.'s birthday flashback

"My Lucky Day"

"My First Step"Edit

  • Frisbee A young J.D. is knocked unconscious by a Frisbee.
2x22 JD Spense in college

"My Dream Job"

"My Lucky Day"Edit

  • Birthday bike Sam Dorian gives J.D. a bicycle bell for a present, telling him he'll get a new part every year. J.D. is still waiting for the kickstand

"My Dream Job"Edit

  • Hair Spense helps J.D. figure out how he will style his hair - mouseing the crap out of it.

Season ThreeEdit

3x3 JD prom

"My White Whale"

"My White Whale"Edit

  • Prom Dan draws on J.D.'s forehead with a permanent marker. Two weeks later, when J.D. goes to pick up his prom date, it shows that he has the word "PROM" on his forehead.
  • Eager to help A dorm buddy asks for help moving, and J.D. eagerly volunteers. J.D. agrees to walk a young girl's dog while she goes to have casual sex with his friend Miguel. The same dorm buddy returns and asks for help moving back into his old room, and J.D. agrees to help, because he "knows where it all goes."
3x9 Elliot Lily poolside

"My Dirty Secret"

"My Dirty Secret"Edit

  • Pool boy Elliot's mom is teaching Elliot how you shouldn't ever let a man put his "dirty howdoyoudo into your bajingo" and then Elliot's mom takes her pool-boy into the potting shed.
3x15 1970s Kelso

"My Tormented Mentor"

"My Tormented Mentor"Edit

  • 1970s Dr. Kelso remembers his younger days as a doctor.
  • Todd's dad Todd remembers his childhood.

"My Butterfly"Edit

  • Janitor's teddy bear Elliot notes that Janitor is taking a personal interest in helping her find the little girl's stuffed doggie. The Janitor then remembers that as a child he could not find a teddy bear. His mother says that she may have accidentally thrown it out while cleaning his room, which wouldn't have happened if his room wasn't so filthy. The young boy picks up a broom and says "Never again," which may be the reason he became a Janitor.

"My Fault"Edit

  • Hair loss J.D. and forget the tickets to a Chicago Bulls game to see Michael Jordan, and Turk pulls out all his hair.
3x21 JD put to sleep

"My Self-Examination"

"My Self-Examination"Edit

  • J.D. remembers his mom, who says that no woman would ever love him as much as she did.

Season FourEdit

4x8 JD throws beer

"My Last Chance"

"My Last Chance"Edit

  • Shinski J.D. and Turk chilling on the roof at college with a girl and their friend 'Shinski'. They're drinking beer and listening to Young MC whilst Turk and the girl are soaking their feet in a kid's paddling pool, Shinski falls off the roof when J.D. throws a beer at him.

"My Best Moment"Edit

  • Mono J.D. is in a party, the only one not currently kissing a girl. One girl turns around and sneezes on him, giving him mono.

"My Boss's Free Haircut"Edit

  • Girls need space J.D.'s 6th grade girlfriend teaches him that when a woman needs space you give her that space, ramming the message home with a kick in the crotch.
  • Becoming Chief of Medicine Dr. Kelso as kind and supportive doctor, unceremoniously ditching his patient when he is appointed Chief of Medicine.
4x24 young Janitor

"My Drive-By"

"My Drive-By"Edit

  • Eating off the floor Janitor vows to keep all floors clean enough to eat off of, when his mother forces him to eat his meals off the kitchen floor.
4x25 JD in college

"My Changing Ways"

"My Changing Ways"Edit

  • J.D. and Turk meet Turk and J.D. first meet at college.

Season FiveEdit

"My New God"Edit

  • Bear Elliot is about to have sex in a car, before a bear interrupts.

"Her Story II"Edit

  • Sanpper Turk remembers an ex-girlfriend with an annoying quirk: Whitney the Snapper.
5x13 Kelso's dad leaves him

"My Five Stages"

"My Five Stages"Edit

  • Bicycle Kelso's dad leaves him and his family on young Kelso's bike.

"My Extra Mile"Edit

  • Hair J.D.'s girlfriend says that she wouldn't be with him if it wasn't for his hair and she can't think of anything else attractive about him.

"My Bright Idea"Edit

  • Hurdler The Janitor is a world class hurdler...who smokes cigarettes.

"My Fallen Idol"Edit

  • Hug J.D. tries to hug Turk to celebrate their favorite team winning the World Series only for Turk to flip him over.

Season SixEdit

6x12 JD in college

"My Fishbowl"

"My Fishbowl"Edit

  • Stacy Blue, Part 1 J.D. recalls when Turk slept with his old girlfriend Stacy Blue during college. J.D. was rough and tough and Turk was very hip hop.
  • Stacy Blue, Part 2 Turk recalls the same incident, but Stacy and himself simply took off their wet clothes after playing with water balloons. J.D. was very nerdy and Turk was handsome.

Season SevenEdit

7x5 JD Turk give thumbs up

"My Growing Pains"

7x6 Football flashback

"My Number One Doctor"

7x10 Ted cleans Kelso's car

"My Waste of Time"

"My Growing Pains"Edit

  • Caramel Bear Turk and J.D.'s second day of college: The pair, along with Ricky (A.K.A. Caramel Bear), pull a prank with disastrous consequences.

"My Number One Doctor"Edit

  • Nerd toss J.D. recalls the only time he ever won something, when his High School's Football team tossed him (a nerd) further than a rival High School's nerd. This is also the moment he decided to become a doctor as the rival nerd was knocked unconscious.

"My Waste of Time"Edit

  • Car wash When Ted met Kelso. Ted's first order of business as Sacred Heart's lawyer was to wash Kelso's car.

Season NineEdit

9x1 tandem bike

"Our First Day of School"

"Our First Day of School"Edit

  • Tandem bike J.D. and Turk ride a tandem bike on their first day of med school, while denouncing the cooler kids as "losers" and "nerds."

"Our Histories"Edit

  • Dinosaur Drew does his community service by visiting prison dressed in a dinosaur costume.

"Our White Coats"Edit

  • Gunner During Drew's first run in medical school, he was a "gunner," a student who got ahead by hurting others.

"Our Dear Leaders"Edit

  • Hell week Denise's Hell Week was so stressful that she cries in the shower while eating a whole pie.

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