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3x3 JD prom

J.D. before his prom. ("My White Whale")

Many episodes of Scrubs have hilarious flashbacks, showing things that have happened to the characters before they worked at Sacred Heart. Ever wondered in which episode your favorite flashback occurred? We've compiled the following complete list from all nine seasons. When you're done, take a look at our complete list of fantasies. Or, if you only want to see flashbacks of events that took place before 2001, see list of pre-Sacred Heart flashbacks.

Season OneEdit


"My Super Ego"


"My Bed Banter & Beyond"

"My Bad"Edit

  • Wedding Dr. Cox thinks back to his wedding and life with Jordan.

"My Super Ego"Edit

"My Fifteen Minutes"Edit

  • Evaluation J.D. realizes that Dr. Cox is doing his evaluation and remembers one of his rants.
  • Science Fair A young Turk wins a science fair which he didn't enter.

"My Balancing Act"Edit

  • Rounds Dr. Cox is "coerced by the forces of evil" (Dr. Kelso) to do rounds. Kelso doesn't want to do rounds because he is sleeping.

"My Bed Banter & Beyond"Edit

  • Family Movie Night J.D. watches Basic Instinct with his grandma.

"My Tuscaloosa Heart"

"My Tuscaloosa Heart"Edit

  • Walk in A young J.D. walks into his parents' bedroom in the middle of the night.

"My Old Man"Edit

  • Perms Elliot as a small child crying about her mother telling her that perms are for "trailer trash." Technically this is a fantasy by J.D., not a flashback.

Season TwoEdit

"My First Step"Edit

  • Frisbee A young J.D. is knocked unconscious by a Frisbee.
2x9 J.D.'s birthday flashback

"My Lucky Day"

2x19 Turk does ballet

"My Kingdom"

2x22 JD Spense in college

"My Dream Job"

My Lucky Day"Edit

  • David Copperfield J.D. meets David Copperfield at a bar.
  • Magic trick While with David Copperfield, J.D. does a magic trick so a coin appears from David's ear, who takes the coin and makes it disappear.
  • Birthday bike Sam Dorian gives J.D. a bicycle bell for a present, telling him he'll get a new part every year. J.D. is still waiting for the kickstand
  • Lawsuit Elliot discusses the lawsuit with, antagonizes, and admits fault to Mr. Bragin.

"My Sex Buddy"Edit

  • Animal Planet J.D. watches Animal Planet with Turk to learn new sex moves.

"My Own Private Practice Guy"Edit

  • Angry Kelso An angry Dr. Kelso waits for the elevator to open.

"My Kingdom"Edit

  • J.D. through the years
    • J.D. moves into his dorm in college.
    • J.D. graduating college, with an earring.
    • J.D. practices ventriloquism in med school.
    • J.D. tries bronzer as an intern.
  • Ballet Turk practices ballet in college.

"My Dream Job"Edit

  • Hair Spence helps J.D. figure out how he will style his hair - mouseing the crap out of it.

Season ThreeEdit

3x3 JD and Turk in college

"My White Whale"

"My White Whale"Edit

  • Prom Dan draws on J.D.'s forehead with a permanent marker. Two weeks later, when J.D. goes to pick up his prom date, it shows that he has the word "PROM" on his forehead.
  • Eager to help A dorm buddy asks for help moving, and J.D. eagerly volunteers. J.D. agrees to walk a young girl's dog while she goes to have casual sex with his friend Miguel. The same dorm buddy returns and asks for help moving back into his old room, and J.D. agrees to help, because he "knows where it all goes."
3x9 Elliot Lily poolside

"My Dirty Secret"

"My Dirty Secret"Edit

  • Pool boy Elliot's mom is teaching Elliot how you shouldn't ever let a man put his "dirty howdoyoudo into your bajingo" and then Elliot's mom takes her pool-boy into the potting shed.

"My Clean Break"Edit

  • Make up Elliot wakes up early in the morning to apply makeup and to style her hair all very quickly and rushed, but to produce a good end result.
  • Tackle Turk tackles J.D. and sits on him until "J.D. comes to his senses". Todd then hands Turk a coffee to drink while passing the time.
3x14 home video

"My Screw Up"

"My Porcelain God"Edit

  • Decoder rings The greatest moment in J.D. and Turk's lives: getting two secret decoder rings in their cereal.

"My Screw Up"Edit

  • America's Funniest Home Videos J.D. and Danni try to make a videotape to send to America's Funniest Home Videos.
3x15 1970s Kelso

"My Tormented Mentor"

"My Tormented Mentor"Edit

  • 1970s Dr. Kelso remembers his younger days as a doctor.
  • Todd's dad Todd remembers his childhood.
3x16 young Janitor

"My Butterfly"

"My Butterfly"Edit

  • Dolls When Dr. Cox asks J.D. if this moment was always how he pictured it, he flashes back to playing with two homemade dolls of himself and Perry, and repeats the same question.
  • Janitor's teddy bear Elliot notes that Janitor is taking a personal interest in helping her find the little girl's stuffed doggie. The Janitor then remembers that as a child he could not find a teddy bear. His mother says that she may have accidentally thrown it out while cleaning his room, which wouldn't have happened if his room wasn't so filthy. The young boy picks up a broom and says "Never again," which may be the reason he became a Janitor.

"My Moment of Un-Truth"Edit

  • Flirt J.D. flirts with a woman in an elevator and she beats him with her purse.

"My Fault"Edit

  • Hair loss J.D. and Turk forget the tickets to a Chicago Bulls game to see Michael Jordan, and Turk pulls out all his hair.
3x21 JD put to sleep

"My Self-Examination"

"My Choosiest Choice of All"Edit

  • Smother Irv tries to smother a patient with a pillow. It takes an orderly, Turk, and Carla to subdue him.

"My Self-Examination"Edit

  • J.D. remembers his mom, who says that no woman would ever love him as much as she did.

Season FourEdit

"My Old Friend's New Friend"Edit

  • Scooter Turk picks up Carla's grandparents and is driving them on his scooter, with them holding onto each other for their life.

"My Office"

"My Office"Edit

  • Delivery men J.D. is working with delivery men to get a ride to work.

"My First Kill"

"My First Kill"Edit

  • Squirrel army The Janitor calls a meeting of his Squirrel army to order.
  • Sports car J.D. seeing Mrs. Carter off as she drives out of the car park in her sports car.
  • Lapdance Turk getting a lapdance at a strip club.

"Her Story"Edit

  • Chauncey J.D. has a parrot, Chauncey, which can only say "liver disease".
  • Noisy Turk noisily entering the bedroom, waking up Carla, and asking for sex before falling asleep.

"My Cake"Edit

  • Chuck Woolery While Turk is asleep, Carla and Molly meet Chuck Woolery, the host of Love Connection.
  • Wash Me J.D. writes "Wash Me" on the back window of Dr. Cox's Porsche.
4x7 Glenda runs

"My Common Enemy"

"My Common Enemy"Edit

  • Baby thief Glenda, the woman responsible for collecting patients' bills, steals a baby from a young couple.
  • Fig Newtons Kelso lining Enid's Fig Newtons with Anti-depressants.
  • Bat The bat in Kelso's attic grappling with Baxter and biting his ear off.
4x8 JD throws beer

"My Last Chance"

"My Last Chance"Edit

  • Shinski J.D. and Turk chilling on the roof at college with a girl and their friend 'Shinski'. They're drinking beer and listening to Young MC whilst Turk and the girl are soaking their feet in a kid's paddling pool, Shinski falls off the roof when J.D. throws a beer at him.
  • Piñata Todd is at home, chatting up a Molly Piñata.

"My Malpractical Decision"Edit

  • Bed assembly J.D. helps set up a bed for a "foxy nurse" at her apartment, but demands J.D. leaves straight afterwards and she begins to kiss her muscular and topless boyfriend.
  • Handshake J.D. remembers seeing Neena shake Mr. Corman's hand and leave her business card.

"My Female Trouble"


"My Female Trouble"

"My Female Trouble"Edit

  • Restaurant J.D. and Neena are in a restaurant for dinner, and she demands he is quiet while she eats, and she also refused to buy him any food because he left his wallet at home, and even forbids him from taking free bread.
  • Car sex J.D. is chucked out the car after sex, half-naked, and Neena drives away and chucks the rest of his clothes out the door.
  • Advice Dr. Cox gives Turk some advice, accidentally crushing his spirit:
    • He walks Turk down a corridor explaining how the only thing more pointless than life is being a doctor.
    • Dr. Cox shows Turk a sweet old lady, and says how even she would sue him if she could.
    • Dr. Cox explains to Turk and a bunch of children how the rabbit is hidden in a compartment in the hat in a magic show.
  • Tennis Dr. Cox is forced to play tennis with Mr. Corman, and is knocked out by his new left handed serve.
4x11 JD handcuffed

"My Unicorn"

"My Unicorn"Edit

  • Kidnap A patient named "Jerry" kidnaps J.D. and forces him to watch Everwood while handcuffed to a radiator.
  • Orange soda Elliot, Carla, Jordan and Turk believe that by simply giving Elliot's interviewer an orange soda, Janitor has gotten Elliot a second chance. However, the Janitor actually threatened the Interviewer into reconsidering, before they posed for Elliot and co., fake smiles and all.

"My Best Moment"

"My Best Moment"Edit

  • Mono J.D. is in a party, the only one not currently kissing a girl. One girl turns around and sneezes on him, giving him mono.
  • Gum Janitor gets revenge on Turk by spelling out 'Gum goes in the trash!' in gum on his windshield.
  • Best Moments Everyone remembers their best moment in medicine:
    • J.D.: Witnessing a baby being delivered on Sacred Heart's ramp, before having sex with the baby's Grandma.
    • The Todd: The now Legendary, Miracle Five. An old man flat lines in surgery, but Todd isn't giving up. He orders a nurse to "prop his hand up", before performing an act of God, in the form of a high five.
    • Elliot: As a thank you, a patient hooks her up with a sweet new ride, a pony.
    • Dr. Kelso: At a Plomox retreat in the Bahamas, Kelso is drinking with two scantily clad young women. A man has just fainted, so another young man asks if Kelso is a Doctor, to which he replies "Not this weekend, son." before ordering another Bahama Mama, "easy on the Bahama, heavy on the Mama".
    • Carla: The last time a doctor actually listened to her. She advised Dr. Mickhead on how to get a coffee stain out of his white coat.
    • Turk: Breaking Beardfacé's record for the fastest Appendectomy.
    • Dr. Cox: Cox is repeatedly throwing scrunched up paper in to the waste bin when a man starts to choke. He does the Heimlich maneuver on him and his gum flies out of the man's mouth and into another woman's mouth. Cox does the Heimlich maneuver on her as well and the gum flies through the air and into the waste paper bin ,after circling the basketball rim that was above it.

"My Ocardial Infarction"Edit

  • Sugar J.D. re-enacts the 'Classic Todd thong sugar trap' to Elliot. The victim on this occasion was Nurse Tisdale
  • Fake slap Turk and Carla have their fake slap routine down, it looks like Turk is actually slapping Carla in the face. Excitedly, they go off to freak out J.D..
  • Diagnosis J.D. pinpoints the moment when Elliot figured out the diagnosis.
  • World's Most Giant Doctor J.D. is all business when he gets to the hospital, when he's not playing 'World's Most Giant Doctor' anyway.

"My Lucky Charm"

"My Lucky Charm"Edit

  • Go Fish J.D. and Turk's wild nightlife consists of games of 'Go Fish', it is so exciting that Turk falls asleep.
  • Vasectomy The 'joint' decision Cox and Jordan made over the vasectomy consisted of Cox telling his doctor, "Snip it, Doc. Snip it hard".

"My Hypocritical Oath"

"My Hypocritical Oath"Edit

  • Club J.D.'s previous two attempts to get into "African American" clubs were thwarted by his outrageous costumes. He dressed as MC Hammer and Flavor Flav on these respective occasions.
  • Treadmill Kelso has the speed on his treadmill tampered with my Med Students, he subsequently gets thrown into the wall.
  • Phone number Dr. Cox gives Ted Nurse Tisdale's phone number in exchange for the key to Kelso's office, which he in turn gives to the Med students.
  • Vein Carla is drawing blood from James, but "can't find the vein" after 12 pokes.

"My Quarantine"

"My Quarantine"Edit

  • Outfits J.D. picking out outfits for his date, he's very fond of the ship captain uniform he has. He also notably has the leather suit from Eddie Murphy Raw.

"My Life in Four Cameras"Edit

  • Weatherman Elliot treats her favourite weatherman who's had a heart attack. Elliot waits until the exact moment his condition stabilizes, before getting a picture with him.

"My Roommates"Edit

  • Toilet Turk and Carla are having a romantic bath together, whilst J.D. is on the toilet.
  • Pee Dr. Cox and Ron pee on a dog from the Hospital roof.

"My Best Laid Plans"Edit

  • Toothpaste Carla has a psychotic breakdown and questions Turk's potential as a father when he leaves the lid off the toothpaste.

"My Boss's Free Haircut"Edit

  • Girls need space J.D.'s 6th grade girlfriend teaches him that when a woman needs space you give her that space, ramming the message home with a kick in the crotch.
  • Becoming Chief of Medicine Dr. Kelso as kind and supportive doctor, unceremoniously ditching his patient when he is appointed Chief of Medicine.

"My Faith in Humanity"Edit

4x24 young Janitor

"My Drive-By"

"My Drive-By"Edit

  • Open house J.D. checks out a guest house with a very forward, gay owner.
  • Eating off the floor Janitor vows to keep all floors clean enough to eat off of, when his mother forces him to eat his meals off the kitchen floor.
4x25 JD in college

"My Changing Ways"

"My Changing Ways"Edit

  • What led here... Technically, most of the episode is a flashback to the events directly preceding J.D.'s moves in to his new apartment.
  • Pie J.D. figures out that the Janitor's pie is drugged with laxatives by piecing events together.
  • Resenting Jack Jordan resenting being at home with Jack.
  • J.D. and Turk meet Turk and J.D. first meet at college.

Season FiveEdit

"My Intern's Eyes"Edit

  • Birth control Turk drops a birth control pill into Carla's mouth while she is sleeping.

"My Rite of Passage"Edit

5x2 bleeding Rex

"My Rite of Passage"

  • Circular saw J.D. and his interns building houses, J.D. cuts open Rex's chest with a circular saw.
  • Joke J.D.'s "one pump mocha" joke.
  • Con Turk remembers Sam Thompson trying to con Elliot for drugs.
  • Bankfarter Elliot farting at an ATM, getting a new nickname, 'Bankfarter'.

"My Day at the Races"Edit

  • Complaining Elliot is at the free clinic complaining about how no one's life could be worse than a double amputee.
  • Get married Carla encourages another staff member, Kathy, to marry her date (who might be gay) so that they can have dinner with her and Turk, which is what she says to any female who talks about her relationship.
5x4 Kelso's earring

"My Jiggly Ball"

"My Jiggly Ball"Edit

  • Caring Dr. Kelso has just left from a day where half a dozen children died in the hospital, but as soon as his foot steps outside of the hospital he stops caring.
  • Earring Dr. Kelso puts in an earring into his un-pierced ear to prove to Enid that he is not cheating on her.
  • Numb Dr. Bailey "numbs" a patient by clicking on a pen light, and aims it at the patient's chest while murmuring "numb, numb, numb".

"My New God"

"My New God"Edit

  • Bear Elliot is about to have sex in a car, before a bear interrupts.

"My Big Bird"Edit

  • Imposition Technically, the majority of this episode is a flashback focusing on the events leading to Mr. Foster's death.

"My Half-Acre"Edit

  • Thicker While in bed, J.D. asks Elliot if she's "thicker," which ruins the moment.

"Her Story II"Edit

  • 5x10-Whitney the Snapper

    "Her Story II"

    Snapper Turk remembers an ex-girlfriend with an annoying quirk: Whitney the Snapper.
  • The Redneck Neighbours J.D. and Julie meet their neighbors, who happen to resemble rednecks. Although good-natured, they want to get rid of their baby through convincing J.D. to adopt it as their own. Julie stands firm, even though a free crib is offered.

"My Buddy's Booty"Edit

  • Dance Mrs. Wilk teaches Turk how to dance.
  • Fire Janitor sets J.D.'s bed on fire.
5x13 Kelso's dad leaves him

"My Five Stages"

"My Five Stages"Edit

  • Double date Carla and Turk go on a double date with their neighbors.
  • Bicycle Kelso's dad leaves him and his family on young Kelso's bike.

"My Own Personal Hell"

"My Own Personal Hell"Edit

  • Backpack Turk sits in the bathroom crying after Carla tells him his new backpack looks like a purse.

"My Extra Mile"Edit

  • Ultimatum Carla gives Turk an ultimatum: If she doesn't get pregnant after their next sex session, then no sex until Turk steals a baby for her.
  • Monster truck J.D. goes the extra mile by trying to park a patient's monster truck.
  • Hair J.D.'s girlfriend says that she wouldn't be with him if it wasn't for his hair and she can't think of anything else attractive about him.
5x16-Retro Janitor

"My Bright Idea"

"My Bright Idea"Edit

  • Chase J.D. is chasing an ambulance on his scooter after Turk ditches the tracking device in the ambulance.
  • Hurdler The Janitor is a world class hurdler...who smokes cigarettes.
5x17-Dr. Cox faints

"My Chopped Liver"

"My Chopped Liver"Edit

  • Roofies Dr. Cox and Jordan have a couple's night with Dr. Zeltzer and his wife, and are both given roofies.

"My New Suit"Edit

  • Hamster J.D. names a hamster that was surgically removed from a patient's rectum "Angie," the name which Turk and Carla had reserved for their unborn baby, which was supposed to be a secret until Turk told him.

"My Lunch"Edit

  • Chiropractor After apparently being encouraged by Carla and Elliot to become a chiropractor, the Janitor cracks Turk's neck

"My Fallen Idol"Edit

5x21-Elliot makes out with hangglider

"My Fallen Idol"

  • Hug J.D. tries to hug Turk to celebrate their favorite team winning the World Series only for Turk to flip him over.
  • Sky-diver Elliot notes that when she wants to get away, she goes to a field, but gets hit by a sky-diver parachuting into the area. She later ends up making out with the guy.
  • Spending time After J.D. refuses to spend time with Dr. Cox, Carla sends Ted's band and the Todd in his place.

"My Urologist"

"My Urologist"Edit

  • Invisible Kim Clips from previous episodes are shown with Kim transposed in to prove that she was working at Sacred Heart throughout the show's history
    • "My First Day": Kim is shown behind J.D. when he does the catheter procedure.
    • "My Screw Up": Kim is shown at Ben's funeral, although in the original episode, Carla was sitting in the spot where Kim is now seated.
    • "His Story": J.D., is in an elevator singing "Kung Fu Fighting." Kim is in the elevator with him, but is invisible to J.D. because of her wedding ring, so he thinks he is alone. Interestingly, in the original episode, there was an elevator breakdown right after singing, and then Janitor was humbling J.D. until Cox has interrupted them. That isn't accord with Kim's presence.

Season SixEdit

6x2-Ordering Food

"My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby"

"My Best Friend's Baby's Baby and My Baby's Baby"Edit

  • Drive thru J.D. and Turk stop at a drive thru to buy food for their marching band.
6x3-Kim and J.D. offend

"My Coffee"

"My Coffee"Edit

  • Piano Kim inadvertently offends one of the surgical department heads when she plays the piano with her head.
  • Aloha shirt J.D. returns the $20 dollars he received from the cotton candy man for diagnosing his rash to the morgue after he has died. Doug finds it and takes it for himself. He also notices the aloha shirt that the corpse is wearing and takes it for himself.

"My House"Edit

  • Mysteries When Dr. Cox explains all of the "mysteries" of the episode, flashbacks of previous events are shown.
    • The orange man drinking tomato juice
    • Dr. Cox says that Dr. Kelso acknowledges that Elliot is moving on to her new job by being hostile to her, while Turk does not acknowledge it at all.
    • Dr. Cox notes that J.D.'s patient still wears her wedding ring, even though her chart marks her as single.
  • Post partum Everyone misses the signs that Carla has post partum depression.
    • Carla defensively states that she wasn't crying although Rex reported crying coming from her room
    • Even though Carla is on bed rest, she is helping Dr. Cox with the mysteries because she "needs time away from the baby".

"My Friend the Doctor"Edit

  • Bus station toilet Elliot finds J.D. taking revealing pictures of Keith in a bus station toilet, and then sending them (most likely to Kim) and pretending it is his own body.

"His Story IV"

"His Story IV"Edit

  • Requests Dr. Kelso handles requests by shredding them, and has Ted play a pre-recorded message for all of his patients.
  • Politics Dr. Kelso remembers how politics have affected the hospital staff in the past
    • Laverne argues that Elliot's excessive use of hairspray contributes to global warming.
    • Carla is against killing animals for sport, but Janitor supports killing animals if it serves a useful purpose, such as turning a dead rabbit into a salt shaker/pepper mill.
6x9-Jail initiation

"My Perspective"

"My Perspective"Edit

  • Prank call J.D. and Buzz get into an argument while being questioned by a police officer over a prank call (later revealed to have been made by the Janitor)
  • Jail When J.D. spends the night in jail after getting a DUI, he attempts to poop in the holding cell's toilet, only to pass out. The gang members in the cell with him see this as a sign of being "hardcore" and invite J.D. to join their gang. J.D. later helps "jump in" new members of the gang.

"My Therapeutic Month"Edit

  • Ceiling fan Turk tries sticking his hands in between a ceiling fan's blades. He instructs J.D. to increase the fan's speed, but he ends up getting caught hanging on the fan. When J.D. tries to turn it off, the switch breaks, and Turk is thrown from the fan, leading to his broken arm.
  • Hot wings Carla catches Turk eating hot wings in bed.
  • Rake Turk scratches J.D.'s back with a rake.
6x12 JD in college

"My Fishbowl"

"My Fishbowl"Edit

  • Stacy Blue, Part 1 J.D. recalls when Turk slept with his old girlfriend Stacy Blue during college. J.D. was rough and tough and Turk was very hip hop.
  • Stacy Blue, Part 2 Turk recalls the same incident, but Stacy and himself simply took off their wet clothes after playing with water balloons. J.D. was very nerdy and Turk was handsome.

"My Scrubs"Edit

  • Generator Turk, J.D. and Rowdy play a prank on Ted which results in the generator of the hospital being smashed by a telephone pole.
  • Thieves Various staff members have begun stealing scrubs for various purposes.
    • Ted comes home to his mom in blue scrubs to make her believe he is a doctor.
    • Laverne's church choir wears scrubs of various colors.
    • J.D. uses various colored scrubs in the shower as towels. Multiple sets of scrubs have been strung together as a makeshift shower curtain.
  • Stuffed dog The Janitor reminds Carla of the Rowdy/Stephen incident.

"My Last Words"Edit

  • Coma A patient who went into a coma in 1984 wakes up a month prior to the episode's events, and apparently has not caught up on current pop culture.
  • Speed metal Lloyd picks up Jack from daycare after J.D. forgets to do it himself. Lloyd is playing speed metal on his stereo while Jack headbangs.
6x20-Turk, JD and Old MC

"My Conventional Wisdom"

"My Conventional Wisdom"Edit

  • Basic Instinct 2 J.D. orders Basic Instinct 2 on Moviefone.
  • Old Young MC J.D. and Turk do "convention stuff" with Old Young MC.

"My Point of No Return"Edit

  • Elevator Keith walks out of an elevator only to be forced back in by the Brain Trust.
  • Beets J.D. and Kim talk about how they hate beets.

Season SevenEdit

7x5 JD Turk give thumbs up

"My Growing Pains"

7x6 Football flashback

"My Number One Doctor"

7x10 Ted cleans Kelso's car

"My Waste of Time"

"My Hard Labor"Edit

  • "Terminal" Elliot tried to be the doctor who never said the word "terminal".

"My Inconvenient Truth"Edit

  • Two weeks ago Elliot remembers Carla's "You're both human" talk from "My Own Worst Enemy", in which Carla said she didn't want to have to repeat herself two weeks later.

"My Growing Pains"Edit

  • Caramel Bear Turk and J.D.'s second day of college: The pair, along with Ricky (A.K.A. Caramel Bear), pull a prank with disastrous consequences.

"My Number One Doctor"Edit

  • Nerd toss J.D. recalls the only time he ever won something, when his High School's Football team tossed him (a nerd) further than a rival High School's nerd. This is also the moment he decided to become a doctor as the rival nerd was knocked unconscious.

"My Bad Too"Edit

  • Headbang Lloyd has a man with three of his fingers missing take the wheel of his Ambulance whilst he air drums to metal tunes, much like he did with J.D. back when he was a delivery man in "My Therapeutic Month".

"My Waste of Time"Edit

  • Car wash When Ted met Kelso. Ted's first order of business as Sacred Heart's lawyer was to wash Kelso's car.

Season EightEdit

8x1 Jimmy massages Taylor

"My Jerks"

"My Jerks"Edit

  • Drunk Blondes Elliot flashes her breasts and the image is featured on the cover of Drunk Blondes #1.
  • Face massage Jimmy gives Dr. Maddox a face massage

"My Happy Place"Edit

  • Firing Doctor Itor firing Marv the new janitor.

"My Comedy Show"Edit

  • Comedy show Laverne watches Turk do an impression of her, but gets mad when J.D. comes on stage doing an impression of Jesus.

"My Soul on Fire, Part 1"Edit

  • Hairbrush microphone Jordan sings Juvenile's "Slow Motion" into a hair brush, unknowingly being recorded by a nanny cam.
8x16 Car sex

"My Cuz"

"My Cuz"Edit

  • Car sex J.D. and Elliot have car-sex and a biker takes a picture.
  • Banished Dr. Kelso being banished from the Bahamas.

"My Finale"Edit

  • "My First Day" J.D. thinks about his first day at Sacred Heart. ("My First Day")

Season NineEdit

9x1 tandem bike

"Our First Day of School"

9x5 Lucy Trang

"Our Mysteries"

"Our First Day of School"Edit

  • Janitor's last day The Janitor walks out of Sacred Heart, never to return again.
  • Tandem bike J.D. and Turk ride a tandem bike on their first day of med school, while denouncing the cooler kids as "losers" and "nerds."

"Our Drunk Friend"Edit

  • Todd's sense Todd senses Denise and Drew having sex in a supply closet (socks off, pants on).
  • Nachos Drew gives Turk his leftover nachos.
  • Rehab deal J.D. and Dr. Cox make a deal about allowing Lucy to send Alan to rehab.

"Our Histories"Edit

  • Dinosaur Drew does his community service by visiting prison dressed in a dinosaur costume.
9x5 Denise stealing money

"Our Mysteries"

"Our Mysteries"Edit

  • Blood Lucy attempts to draw blood from a fellow student, Trang.
  • Thief Denise attempts to steal money from Drew's wallet while he is asleep, but she doesn't because she has feelings for him.

"Our New Girl-Bro"Edit

  • Watching As Lucy watches a patient, absolutely nothing happens.
9x7 Drew flashback2

"Our White Coats"

9x7 Drew flashback3

"Our White Coats"

"Our White Coats"Edit

  • Lost Cole messes with a fellow med student's head. The student is a die hard fan of Lost, and Cole says that Lost is going to be canceled without airing the finale, which makes the student an emotional wreck.
  • Refuse Drew refuses to help a fellow student. This flashback appears twice.
  • Gunner During Drew's first run in medical school, he was a "gunner," a student who got ahead by hurting others.

"Our Stuff Gets Real"Edit

"Our True Lies"Edit

  • Singing Cole sings in the restroom in order to remember the circulatory system.

"Our Dear Leaders"Edit

  • Hell week Denise's Hell Week was so stressful that she cries in the shower while eating a whole pie.
9x13 Cole with horse

"Our Thanks"

"Our Thanks"Edit

  • Drumline Other med students organize a drumline to thank their corpse for the ceremony.
  • Sutures Cole frantically tries practicing sutures on Lucy's stuffed horse collection.

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