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Sweetheart, you don't have to explain yourself to me. But you'd better get your story straight when you come face-to-face with Jesus.Laverne Roberts

Laverne Roberts RN was a nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital. During their years together as nurses, Carla and her developed a rapport, but Laverne's first loyalty was always Jesus and her faith. She often tried to ask Dr. Cox, Dr. Kelso, and others to hold themselves to higher standards. Despite being very religious, Laverne had her own personality ticks. She was an avid fan of soap operas and loved to gossip. She never took anybody's sass.

Laverne had been a nurse for many years when J.D., Turk, and Elliot started as interns. During their sixth year at the hospital, Laverne was in a car accident and passed away.

Laverne was portrayed by Aloma Wright, and appeared in seven of the first eight seasons, only skipping Season Seven. She first appeared in the pilot episode "My First Day" and last appeared in J.D.'s final fantasy in "My Finale".



J.D. falls on Laverne. ("My Overkill")

Laverne Roberts was a nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital who spent her days watching soap operas, gossiping, and talking straight to the other employees. She worked at Sacred Heart for 24 years. Laverne was extremely religious, and made many comments about others having to "answer to Jesus." Her religious devotion helped her to cope with the horrors of watching people die around the hospital every day. ("My No Good Reason") She also was a member of her church choir, who came and performed at the hospital on behalf of Dr. Cox. She was also seen stealing scrubs for her church choir to wear. ("My Scrubs")

My Long Goodbye

Laverne in the hospital. ("My Long Goodbye")

Laverne strongly believed that everything happened for a purpose, even terrible things. Shortly after she debated with Dr. Cox about her religion and this mantra, she was in a car accident. ("My No Good Reason") She passed away due to complications after the accident. ("My Long Goodbye")


Laverne was a strong willed woman who could intimidate all of the men and women in the hospital. She could make Janitor fess up about his shenanigans, force Dr. Kelso to see how his actions affect other people, give Dr. Cox a reality check, calm Carla's and Elliot's crazy-spells, and bring J.D. and Turk down to size when they tried to give her or someone else sass. She was a highly skilled worker who had dealt with many interns, nurses, and doctors. ("My First Day") She, like Carla, never complained about never getting the glory doctors receive.

3x15 Kelso vs nurses

Laverne and Carla standing up to Kelso. ("My Tormented Mentor")

Laverne was married to Lester Roberts for nearly twenty years, but she shacked up with a man before she was married. His name was Jesus (referring to Jesus Christ). It is said that Laverne has a brother, who can make "face cake". ("My Quarantine")

It is suggested that many years ago Laverne had a one-night-stand with Dr. Kelso before she married Lester Roberts. However, since this was said by the image of Laverne that was only a figment of Carla's imagination, it's impossible to know whether it was true or false. It may be true, since Carla and the hallucination were reacting to Kelso kissing Laverne while she was unconscious.("My Long Goodbye")

Also it has been revealed that Laverne had a three way with Snoop Dogg Attending and Dr. Beardfacé ("My Cuz"), and that they are "Weiner Cousins".

Personality ProfileEdit

2x17 Laverne hangs from hoop

Laverne dunks. ("My Own Private Practice Guy")

5x7 Cox Laverne choir

Laverne's choir. ("My Way Home")


  • Jesus
  • Soap operas
  • Facecake
  • Gossiping
  • Talking on her phone
  • God
  • Good reasons
  • Her family


  • People talking back to her
  • People who disrespect her religion
  • People who toss jelly beans into her cleavage
  • People saying she is older then she really is
  • People having sex before marriage
  • Abortions
  • Coconut (she's allergic)


2x6 Carla Laverne costumes

Laverne on Halloween. ("My Big Brother")

6x10 Laverne flys

Laverne flys, a foreshadowing of her upcoming death. ("My Therapeutic Month")

  • Aloma Wright comes back as nurse Shirley in Season Seven. She looks exactly like Laverne, although no one notices but JD. She appears in the first episode of the season with a mask covering enough of her face to make her less recognizable. These names are a reference to the sitcom Laverne and Shirley, which is mentioned by Kylie in the episode "My Life in Four Cameras".
  • Laverne seemingly has a personality change in season six, becoming more toned down and less sassy and belligerent.
  • The Todd changes Laverne to a "yes" because she's feisty.
  • She once held an above ground pool party, at which various events took place, often referenced by the other characters.
  • Laverne named her breasts Paris and Nikki. When Carla asks if Laverne named her breasts after the Hilton sisters, Laverne responds that the Hilton sisters were, in fact, named after her breasts.
  • Laverne is on Dr. Cox's "Sometimes Allowed List" even though she had been dead by the time the list was made.
  • Laverne can punch out a car window with seemingly little effort or pain; she precedes this by using her own name as her catchphrase. ("My Scrubs")
  • Laverne has a nephew who is a corporal in the army and supports the Iraq War. ("His Story IV")
  • She appears along with many other characters in J.D.'s final fantasy in Sacred Heart.("My Finale")
  • Laverne is the second character to return as a "Ghost" the first is Ben Sullivan.


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