Ladinia "Lady" Williams is married to Glen Matthews, more commonly known as "Janitor". They started dating in "My Own Worst Enemy" and although Janitor tried to hide his personality quirks from her, he eventually but slowly came clean and the two eventually got married in the Bahamas.

Lady is portrayed by Kit Pongetti and appeared in eight episodes of Scrubs. Her last appearance was in "My Finale".


7x6 Janitor in sweater

Lady and Janitor at Coffee Bucks. ("My Number One Doctor")

One day, Janitor is cornered by J.D. while he is holding flowers. He says they are for his girlfriend. He yells at a woman at the other end of the hall, and says her name is Lady. J.D. does not believe him, but in the end her name really is Lady, and she is dating Janitor. ("My Own Worst Enemy") Janitor is confronted by Carla who realizes that he was hiding his true self from Lady. Carla convinced him to slowly reveal his true personality to her. ("My Number One Doctor") The two eventually work out some relationship problems, such as Lady's fear of germs, ("My Nah Nah Nah") and get married in the Bahamas. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1") ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2") She and Janitor stay in the Bahamas for a honeymoon. ("My Cuz")


My Soul on Fire, Part 2

Janitor and Lady wed. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2")

Lady is married to the Janitor. She accepts him for who he really is. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2") Their initial attraction may be because she hates germs and because he reminds her a little of her father. ("My Nah Nah Nah") Lady allows him to prank J.D. and be rude to him because she's letting her man be a man. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2")

Lady has a brother named Him, a sister Amy, and a nephew Ethan. Lady asks Janitor to watch Ethan, but his advice isn't the best for a young child. ("My Chief Concern")

Personality Profile

8x14 Lady

Lady, days before her wedding. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 1")


  • Necklaces
  • Flowers
  • Her brother
  • Smacking her butt when she gets excited
  • Her husband, the Janitor



8x11 Lady Janitor entry

Lady tidies up Janitor. ("My Nah Nah Nah")


  • Lady is a natural redhead, which disgusts Elliot. ("My Soul on Fire, Part 2")
  • Lady appeared in J.D.'s last fantasy at Sacred Heart. ("My Finale")
  • Lady is a germaphobe, specifically when it comes to hands. Part of her attraction to the Janitor is because he cleans germs for a living. ("My Nah Nah Nah")
  • Lady once had a fear of "the unknown" until Janitor somehow cured it. ("My Bad Too")
  • Lady has an irrational fear of losing loved ones. ("My Bad Too")
  • Lady maybe has a brother named Him. But of course this could have been one of Janitor's lies.
  • Lady was named after the movie Lady and the Tramp.
  • It is unknown if Lady changed her last name to Matthews, the last name of Janitor. ("My Finale")
  • Kit Pongetti, the actress who plays Lady, has appeared in the Season Two episode "My Philosophy" as Dr. Mitchell.


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