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Fine. I may have told her that she smells like my Mom. Which, by the way, I still maintain as a compliment.J.D.  ("My Half-Acre")

Julie Quinn is a girl that J.D. dated.


Julie is 23 years old. She is very klutzy and kind of geeky. Just like J.D. she often drifts off into fantasies. She is also the goddaughter of Billy Dee Williams.


Julie dated J.D.. They met on a blind date set up by Julie's great aunt, who was a patient of J.D.'s. They ended their relationship after J.D. tried to talk to Julie about a long-term relationship, and she said she wasn't ready to think about that.

Personality ProfileEdit

Likes Edit

  • Harry Potter
  • Unicorns
  • scooters

Dislikes Edit

  • Sports

Trivia Edit

  • In real life, Zach Braff was the boyfriend of Mandy Moore, the actress who portrays Julie Quinn. They broke up for the same reason as J.D. and Julie did.

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