Julie Hudson plays Ginny Gerson on Scrubs.


Julie has appeared in the feature films Flying Changes and the horror film Feast. On TV, besides Scrubs, Julie has appeared in 1 episode of Bob Patterson and 2 episodes of Jimmy Kimmel Live!. Julie also appeared in a 6 episode string of the soap opera The Days of Our Lives.

Appeared In

MAIN Zach BraffSarah ChalkeDonald FaisonNeil FlynnKen JenkinsJohn C. McGinley
Judy ReyesEliza CoupeKerry BishéMichael MosleyDave Franco
SUPPORTING Johnny KastlSam LloydRobert MaschioChrista MillerTravis SchuldtAloma Wright
SEE ALSO List of character appearances • Cast from Season: 12345678W9 e

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