After the finale of Season Two, NBC aired a special "Funniest Moments Special" for Scrubs titled Scrubs The Outtake Show.

Scrubs - The Outtake Show07:48

Scrubs - The Outtake Show


The special is a clip show, composed of the "funniest" moments of Season Two hosted by John C. McGinley.


  • "Beautiful Morning" by The Rascals
  • "Slut" by Todd Rundgren
  • "Diner" by Martin Sexton


1. "My Overkill"
2. "My Nightingale"
3. "My Case Study"
4. "My Big Mouth"
5. "My New Coat"
6. "My Big Brother"
7. "My First Step"
8. "My Fruit Cups"

  9. "My Lucky Day"
10. "My Monster"
11. "My Sex Buddy"
12. "My New Old Friend"
13. "My Philosophy"
14. "My Brother, My Keeper"
15. "His Story"
16. "My Karma"

17. "My Own Private Practice Guy"
18. "My T.C.W."
19. "My Kingdom"
20. "My Interpretation"
21. "My Drama Queen"
22. "My Dream Job"

   Episodes: 12345678 w9

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