Crispin works in the shipping and receiving department at Sacred Heart Hospital, and a member of The Worthless Peons.


2x14 Worthless Peons

Crispin singing with the Worthless Peons. ("My Brother, My Keeper")

Crispin has been a member of Ted's band "The Worthless Peons" for over seven years now. He is a talented A Capella singer, and is proud to show his skill off with his friends.

Ted has described Crispin as the sex appeal of the group as he is "the only one with hair".

Crispin leaves the Worthless Peons before Jack Cox's birthday party ("My Screw Up"), but returns in time to perform at Turk and Carla's wedding. ("My Best Friend's Wedding")

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SOUNDTRACKS ScrubsScrubs, Volume 2"My Musical"
THE WORTHLESS PEONS Ted BucklandRandallCrispinRoy
THE BLANKS Sam LloydPaul PerryGeorge MiserlisPhilip McNiven
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