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  • GrouchMan

    Izzy and Sammy

    September 12, 2011 by GrouchMan

    I know that the engagement of Izzy and Sammy only happened in J.D.'s fantasy, but does anyone besides me think they just might've started dating when they were older?

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  • Ohmyn0

    Scrubs is great

    August 3, 2011 by Ohmyn0

    This is a blog post about how much I love Scrubs.

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  • Yoshi417

    Favorite Episode?

    June 1, 2011 by Yoshi417

    Let me hear what you favorite episode is......

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  • GermanChampion


    May 28, 2011 by GermanChampion


    I love it

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  • ScrubsisAwesome

    Despite his cold and sarcastic exterior, he has proved himself the hero of Sacred Heart in countless episodes. So why does he keep acting that way even though everyone knows his steely outer skin is covering up a heart of gold? But I'm glad everyone at Sacred Heart doesn't see him as a villian - but perhaps he is more of an anti-hero - the kind of guy who's not on the bad side but has kind of created a league of his own. Even though he admits that J.D. is a great doctor in My Finale, and he often does spectacular actions to help not only the hospital, but also for those who he pretends to not care about, he seems a little scared to show his true colours (which is a little sad because he has proved to be a great man and role model). I perso…

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  • AnimeTomboy1998

    I really want everyone's vote on this: What is the wiki's most fave character? :)

    • JD - 1
    • Elliot -
    • Turk -
    • Carla -
    • Dr. Cox -
    • Janitor -

    Please vote. Thanks if you did! :)

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  • TasedCardinal


    November 17, 2010 by TasedCardinal

    The series is over so I won't be writing a whole lot of blogs on Scrubs but I will be writing a few commenting on funny moments, good characters, and overall success of the show. This first one is not very long cause I just became a member of ScrubsWiki.

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  • Dano1163

    I'm New

    October 28, 2010 by Dano1163

    Hello, I'm new to this wikia and I hope to help continue updating the site to make it perfect.

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  • MattCSidd


    October 28, 2010 by MattCSidd

    Hi Everyone!!

    I'm new to the Scrubs wikia but I want to do the best that I can here, and will keep you posted with all the changes I make.



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  • Audball2108

    My First Blog Post

    October 17, 2010 by Audball2108

    Well, well, well. I see you found my blog. What are you, some sort of stalker?! Haha, just kidding.

    My name is Audrey. I am sixteen years old and I live in Ohio. I am a junior in high school slash freshman in college (thank-you post secondary enrollment options!).

    I am a figure skater, a varsity cheerleader, and an actress. But my true passion is singing. I LOVE to sing! I am a high alto, but I have a very nice range, not to sound conceited.

    One thing you should definitely know about my taste in music is I usually only listen to singers who can REALLY sing. Autotune is my enemy. That’s why Katy Perry is my singing idol, because she can really belt out a song in her own voice, live, and sound ah-may-zing! Unlike Ke$ha or Justin Bieber, she has…

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  • GrouchMan

    Sesame Street/Scrubs

    September 20, 2010 by GrouchMan

    I admit I got into this Wiki cause the Season Eight episode My ABC's includes a cameo by my favorite TV character of all, Oscar the Grouch, but this show is pretty funny. What do you guys think about that episode? I admit Grover and Elmo are funny but Oscar the Grouch will always be my favorite. Does anybody else think the idea of Scrubs meets Sesame Street is funny at all?

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  • Scoobthegoob


    August 9, 2010 by Scoobthegoob

    I have to say that Scrubs is my favorite show. It really sucks that it's came to an end. I'm going to miss the brotherly love shared by turk and jd. It's something that i dont think will be replaced. I'm sad to say that I truly despised the ninth season, not that it wasn't good, just the direction they took. Of course the show had to come to an end sometime, but i just think with all the other shows decking out 10-15 seasons, i think they could have kept it up a little longer. It just kept getting better and better until the med-school season. Would have loved to seen how JD was doing at st. vincent, and his relationship growing with his wife Elliot and his mentor Perry now that he knows how he truly feels. Maybe him and the janito…

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  • Ohmyn0

    I should make it know off the bat - my favorite character from the first eight seasons was easily Janitor. He was really the biggest reason to tune in to the series. I was very skeptical of the season off the bat because I really enjoyed My Finale. When I found out that Neil Flynn wasn't returning full-time, I lost even more faith. However, I decided to give it a chance and see how it went. Bill Lawrence promised that it would be a total overhaul - and it was. It is still too soon to tell if Season 9 will be as great as the original series. Lucy is supposed to be insecure, but for some reason Kerry Bishe's acting just comes off as insecure, rather than the character. I think the ninth series definitely has potential, but I need to see more…

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  • Xean

    What did you think?

    December 2, 2009 by Xean

    So, Season 9 has started...what did everyone think about it?

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  • Chrisis123

    So, for some time now, we know, a ninth season of Scrubs is coming. There have been arguments all over the Internet from people who say it will ruin the legacy, it will suck, there can't be a Scrubs without J.D. and probably a gazillion of other arguments why a ninth season will be worse than world war two.

    True, it won't be the same, the only two regulars from the 'old' Scrubs are going to be Donald Faison as Turk and John C. McGinley as Dr. Cox. But as Bill Lawrence doesn't stop to say, it will be a Spin Off, despite it's probable non name change. Maybe I should clarify something first: I personally would have preferred a slight name change, but truth to be told, will this single thing change anything about the quality of the show? The cl…

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