J.D. drinking an Appletini while at a bar with Turk ("My Kingdom")

The appletini is a cocktail made with vodka and apple juice, cider, or liqueur. It is J.D.'s favorite drink, and also Kylie and Laverne's favorite ("My Chopped Liver").


  • J.D. sees this as a "straight drink" and wonders when gay guys started drinking them.
  • J.D. prefers his Appletini "easy on the Tini" ("My Kingdom")
  • Once paid $105 dollars for a single Appletini that, according to J.D., was a little light on the 'tini. ("My Turf War")
  • Melody asked J.D. if his drink came in hetero, to which he responded that he didn't like it. ("My Turf War")

See also

  • Learn how to make an Appletini on the Cocktails Wiki!

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